Summer Camp - A Time to Discover!

Here at Camp Nutimik we offer a variety of fun filled opportunities for you to spend a week of your summer enjoying the things you might not otherwise get an opportunity to do.

We have exciting activities for all ages to participate in while getting to know other young people. Our staff are committed to giving your kids the best week of their summer in a fun-loving and safe environment.

Classic Nutimik

What makes camp ‘Classic'? All those great ‘classic' activities: skills like swimming, canoeing or outdoor cooking; memorable moments like great games, super campfire and chapel times; and amazing friendships with other campers and staff. Join us and find out why kids come back year after year after year......

During our Junior camp weeks, we offering a Day Camp option for those who live nearby and want to join in the fun, and an optional Gluten-Free / Dairy Free meal option is available for all our Classic and Leadership Camp programs! Our site is also a NUT FREE environment.

Junior Mini - Ages 7-9
Junior - Ages 9-11
Middle Years - Ages 11-13
Intermediate - Teens - Ages 12-14
Senior High - Teens - Ages 14-17
NEW! Biking Expedition Teens - Ages 13-15
If you are looking to be challenged in your biking skills, it's time to gear up and hit the trails on our week-long Biking Expedition. We will be riding through Whiteshell Park, viewing it's history and exploring new places, all the while learning about bicycle maintenance and technical riding. Sleep under the stars and be pushed to new limits in your riding ability.

High School Mega-Week

Now for teens from grades 9 to 12, (ages 14 -17) this is one week to mark on your calendar!! We have rolled a whole lot of new stuff out for this week, and you are sure to find something that suits you. Dynamic speakers, crazy games, great times to hangout, and new friendships are some of the things all groups will share, but each group will have its own special focus.

Choose from Senior High Classic Camp, Lifesaving Camp or
Waterski/Wakeboard Camp

Lifesaving Camp - Take your Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award while enjoying a week at camp! Must have completed Red Cross levels or similar swimming ability.

Waterski/Wakeboard Camp - This week (July 22-27, 2018) promises to build on what we started last year. Waterski, wakeboarding and of course - tubing, Excellent coaching and small group size will allow you the one-on-one instruction, so you can see the progress in this wet and wild week.
No previous waterski experience required

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Nutimik Wilderness Expeditions

Hold on to your paddles! Camp Nutimik has a long tradition of canoe trips and camp experiences that will take you somewhere just a little bit different. Starting with a Parent / Child Canoe Trip for campers as young as 8 years old, all the way to the Manigotogan River Expedition, there is a trip for those willing to think outside the cabin.

Parent-Child Canoe Trip - For kids age 8 and up, accompanied by parent, grandparent, or guardian - this is a perfect camp to introduce you to trail camping where parents and child spend the weekend experiencing all the excitment together; looking at the open night sky, catching their first fish and so much more.

Outpost Canoe Trip - Our signature beginner program, takes you to an island base camp where you learn basis camping skills such as paddling, cooking and fishing.
For teens ages 12-15

Explorer Canoe Camp – A 5 day trip over many miles of lakes, rivers, and portages where you are introduced to skills such as cooking, navigation, and lake water travel.
For teens ages 14-17

Expedition Canoe Trip - A Camp Nutimik highlight! An unforgettable journey down the historic Manigotogan River where you will learn basic moving water canoe skills and have the opportunities to negotiate Class I and II rapids, as well as discovering some of Manitoba's history. For teens ages 15-18
* Some flatwater canoe skills and out-trip experience required,and must be comfortable in deep water.

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Leadership Camps

Developing and nurturing leadership skills is key to our camping program. Most of our future staff come up through our leadership programs, but these camps help young people develop skills applicable to a multitude of situations.

Step Up! (our first step leadership program, formally known as PLT) - Get ready to step it up in this one week program for ages 14-16! It's time to reach high, dream big, grow stronger in faith and character, love and honor God with your life and find your joy through Jesus Christ. In Step Up, we focus on becoming the best we can be; as leaders, as believers in Christ, in our daily life... it's about doing hard things, recognizing your leadership potential and being real with God - It's time to "keep it real" like Jesus did. This will be a week of camp you will never forget!

Step In! (a new program, which extends your experience from Step Up! to the next level) - Step in to new camp challenges in this new two week program for ages 15-16. Your group will learn about just what it means to become a leader at Camp Nutimik and develop new leadership skills through practical, onsite service opportunities. We will also explore what the Bible teaches about spiritual disciplines and growing fruit in our life. Be challenged, grow in your faith and experience how disciplines develop spiritual fruit and prepare you for service.

Step Out! (a program formally known as CIT) - It's time to step out of life as a camper and join our Camp Nutimik staff family! For ages 16-17. Receive certifications in first aid and skills, practical leadership and spiritual training, and more. Through training and mentorship you will be well on your way to becoming a great camp leader!

Please Note: The Step Out! program is essentially an introduction to being staff as the complete program includes 2 additional weeks of summer service, Applicants will be interviewed as part of the entire application process. Also, candidates must be aged 16 as of JULY 1 for this program.


This is a list of the variety of skills available to campers:

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Archery
  • Fishing
  • Bouldering
  • Crafts
  • Mountain Biking
  • Field Sports
  • Swimming
  • GPS Tracking
  • Journalism
  • Cooking

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